my poor front lawn

stopped by the treeLast summer, something happened to the electric line that runs under my front yard near the street, so the power company had to dig it up. This meant I spent the rest of the summer trying to grow new grass and dealing with neighbors who thought it just meant that the street parking had widened a bit. When the snow that had been covering the yard since November melted last week, it revealed some green in that strip of land, which made me happy. Unfortunately, my lawn’s feeble upturn in health was dashed early this morning.

Some guy in a truck drove through my neighbor’s yard, took out a mail box and some utility things, and then was stopped by a tree in my yard. I slept through the whole thing (happened around 2am) and didn’t know about it until I left the house the next morning. Apparently there were police and ambulance vehicles, as well as someone or something to remove the truck from the yard. The guy ended up in the hospital, and that’s all I’ve learned so far.

Meanwhile, I’ve taken some pictures.

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