my poor car

This hasn’t been a good week for my poor little car. On Wednesday, I left work late (around 7:30pm) and found a note on my car. A male student with a large truck did not park with care, and as a result, the passenger side rear light on my car was smashed and a long dent/gash ran from it to the top of the wheel well. At least he left me his contact info. The repair estimate: $1120. We’ll get that one sorted out soon, I hope.
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[not my car, but one very much like it]

Tonight I was out doing a bit of shopping, and was on my way home when I got rear-ended by, as it turns out, a barrista at a coffee place around the corner that I frequent. I was the lead car at a major intersection, the light had turned green, and I was just starting to pull out when I noticed that a car coming from the left was not stopping for the red light. I braked and waited for it to go past, but the barrista behind me didn’t. BANG! On my end, only the bottom middle part of my plastic bumper was broken. (No bumper stickers were harmed in this accident, for those of you who may be concerned.) Her car was left with cracked plastic vanity light covers and two broken vanity bulbs. Also, the hood of her car had some issues, but that may or may not have been related to this accident.

The irony in all of this is that it is nearly six years to the day from when my car was first smashed by someone not paying attention to what they are doing. That one banged in the front passenger side and took several months to get fixed. Even so, it was never quite the same. I should have seen that it was only the beginning of a long trend of dings and bangs for my poor little car. At least she still gets me to where I need to go.

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