nasig part six

After the RSS tactics session, I took a break from conference stuff. My laptop and I went down to a Dunn Bros coffee shop where I sat out at a sidewalk table, sipped my Americano, and caught up on email using their free wi-fi. This also gave me time to decompress and get ready for the evening’s performance at Windows on Minnesota during the 20th Anniversary Party/Dinner. You can view the results of that here. I’m in the second skit.


This evening, I heard a story [RealAudio] on Studio 360 about Rick Miller’s one-man show that is currently touring the country. The show combines the characters from The Simpsons with William Shakespeare’s Macbeth and is called MacHomer. The snippets I heard on the radio were hilarious, and I expect the whole show would be great fun. If you get a chance to go, please let me know how it was!