hair cut

I’m trying to decide about what to do with my hair.

I’m trying to decide about what to do with my hair. For most of the past couple of years it has been really short. I mean really short. Short as in I get called “sir” more often that you’d expect someone with a 42-D bra size to be called “sir”. One of my friends sent me to for some direction. I found this quote to be rather amusing:

“Most women finally hack their hair off the same day they file for divorce. Interesting side note don’t you think.”

I didn’t initially cut my hair off because of a divorce; it was more of a lifestyle statement. I wanted a hair style that was easy and convenient, and I didn’t care anymore about how other people might perceive me with that hair style. Now I want to change my hair style again, but I’m a little more concerned about how it will look. I still want the easy and convenient bit, but maybe I can do that with a slightly longer style. Hm…

Whoa! Leave the racing to the horses!

Yesterday, I received my second speeding ticket. It’s been almost two years since the first, but it was on the same interstate. Go figure. Car Talk, a lack of cruise control, and the terrain were all partially responsible for the speed I was going. For once, I wasn’t intentionally speeding, which is why this ticket is irritating. I wouldn’t be so annoyed with myself if I had gotten pulled over for one of the many times I have been flying along I-64 at 80-85 mph, but no, I get pulled over going 76 mph on a downhill. I had been giving the engine extra gas on the way up the hill so that my little Tercel could make it over the hill at a reasonable speed. I didn’t notice that I was still accelerating on the way down because I was listening to something that Tom & Ray were talking about. That is, I didn’t notice that I was still accelerating until I saw the state trooper on the side of the road. Oh, well!