So, I’m finally hopping on the blog tag bandwagon. I thought my categories were enough, and I didn’t know how to make the keyword field show in the entry creation process. But now that I have a brand new plugin, I’ve started adding keywords to my posts with Technorati links. I tagged the last however many entries just now and I will tag future posts, but at 457 entries, I don’t plan to do any retrospective tagging. Heck, I think some of my earlier entries aren’t categorized, either. Probably for the best. There are some things I’d like to forget.

Oh! I had a brainstorm yesterday evening for an article topic, so maybe I’ll get cracking on that soon. After all, I just have to have stuff submitted. If it gets published, well, so much the better.

4 thoughts on “tagging”

  1. Nice tip for how to tag, Eclectic. I should do the same–I too thought categories were enough but have been skeptical about that. How do you know what tags to use?

  2. Thanks, FreeRange. I tag them with descriptive terms that seem appropriate at the time. I could come up with my own thesaurus of acceptable tags, but I think that is covered well enough in the broad categories I’ve established.

  3. Hi

    I’m trying to do a trackback to you, but I guess TypePad is up to its old useful “tricks” and won’t send you the trackback. It sent one to my own (other) post and to technorati. I’ve had a help ticket open for several months over this problem, but it just keeps cropping up.

    I certainly don’t imagine you can do anything, but I thought maybe by signing in to make a comment it might force something….

    Best, Mark

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