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I’ve reinstated the option to subscribe to updates via email. It wasn’t used much in the past, so I quit bothering with it and took it off of menu. Now I’m making use of a service called RMail that takes the automatically generated RSS feed and turns it into an email message sent to subscribers. You can sign up using the text box in the left column on the main page of this blog (scroll down a bit). It doesn’t like FeedBurner, so I had to create a new feed just for this.

Well, that was odd. Yesterday I got a weird database error when I tried the form using my FeedBurner feed, but today after reading the comment below, I tried it again and it worked fine. Just so you know, you won’t get a confirmation page from RMail, it just sends you back to the page you signed up on. However, you will need to confirm the subscription via email.

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  1. Hi, I am an engineer at FeedBurner… I would be interested in what problems you had with Rmail… I was able to use Rmail for a feed that I have. I would like to help you not have to maintain two feed links 🙂

    Please email me at, if would like me to look into it.

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