hair cut

I’m trying to decide about what to do with my hair.

I’m trying to decide about what to do with my hair. For most of the past couple of years it has been really short. I mean really short. Short as in I get called “sir” more often that you’d expect someone with a 42-D bra size to be called “sir”. One of my friends sent me to for some direction. I found this quote to be rather amusing:

“Most women finally hack their hair off the same day they file for divorce. Interesting side note don’t you think.”

I didn’t initially cut my hair off because of a divorce; it was more of a lifestyle statement. I wanted a hair style that was easy and convenient, and I didn’t care anymore about how other people might perceive me with that hair style. Now I want to change my hair style again, but I’m a little more concerned about how it will look. I still want the easy and convenient bit, but maybe I can do that with a slightly longer style. Hm…

swap a book

The United Kingdom celebrated Swap A Book Day last Friday.

The United Kingdom celebrated Swap A Book Day last Friday. According to this article in the Guardian, there are over 879 million illiterate adults in the world.

“It’s about creating role models and an atmosphere in which reading is seen as normal. That helps those who can’t read as much as people who can but don’t.” – Sue Williams, family learning tutor at Wigan and Leigh College

I was reminded of I’ve been leaving books here and there after registering them with BookCrossing for the past couple of months. I’m not sure if they’re getting read, since so far, no one has registered them, but usually when I come back to where I left them, they’re gone. It gives me a little hope to think that someone took the book and will read it.

quiet libraries

Jessamyn West had the following quote from a review of a hard drive on her blog today:

“The librarian in you will love Seagate’s new, ultralow-noise, consumer-friendly, 7,200rpm 80GB Barracuda ATA IV hard drive. Indeed, this drive is as quiet as the reference room on the night before midterms.”

Obviously this reviewer has never been in a library reference room the night before midterms, or else he might have found some other descriptor for “very, very quiet”. Midterms and finals weeks are two times in a semester when the library has the most number of users. With that many people all in one space, it is rare that one is able to find a quiet place in the building.

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Beer Node

Jeff sent me some copies of pictures he took of the group of us at NASIG in June, and I finally got some scanned in and uploaded to my website. Here’s another shot of a bunch of us with the “Beer Node” sign. Ahh… good times. I should (or perhaps shouldn’t?) note that the new President of NASIG is one of the women in the “Beer Node” line-up…

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Lisa Rogers For President!

My friend Kiya Heartwood recently sent me a link to Lisa Rogers’ campaign site. I think it is about time we put a folksinger in the White House! Especially if it means we boot Dubya and his clones out of there.

“It’s so much easier just to complain. But I figure if I really want to help undo the mess, I should apply for W’s job. Let’s just say it’s my way, as a Texan, of apologizing to the rest of the world.”

What do you say? I’ll bet that if everyone who was dissatisfied with the current government situation (and it’s future prospects) were to write her on the ballot this next time when we have to choose between the Demagogue candidate and Dubya, she’d win! And wouldn’t the world be a much better place for it?