surprise laugh

One of my favorite non-librarian/library weblogs is This Fish Needs a Bicycle. Heather Hunter is a youngish woman living in NYC with a talent for storytelling. Using anecdotes from her life, she has created a following of readers from around the country, and quite possibly around the world. I have become one of those dedicated readers, patiently waiting for the next post to land in my Bloglines folder. Today’s entry left me laughing out loud, and it is highly recommended for cat owners.

In other news, I’m working hard to meet a deadline at the end of this week for my contribution to a book on electronic resource librarians. More on that later if I ever get the darn thing written.

2 thoughts on “surprise laugh”

  1. Remembering old friends at the end of our birthday month. I was thinking of you and found your web page. Didnt know you moved to WA. Its beautiful there, remember I lived in the seattle area for almost 4 years. Still in Richmond, with some new beginnings. Hope you’ll write sometime. An old Harrisonburg buddy.

  2. Anna,
    I saw your posting on Thea…I was looking for her website and instead found you. It’s been a long time…please drop me a line.

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