I took a bunch of pictures on my morning hike and put them up on Flickr. I also brought along my GPS receiver and saved waypoints everytime I took a picture. Then, I added the coordinates in the Flickr tags and included a link to the Geobloggers website. They have a nifty tool that will extract latitude and logitude data from a referring page and display the location on a Google map. Sweet!

checkout coupon printer

I haven’t been feeling well today, and I suspect that this morning’s hike didn’t help that, either. So, after sitting in my miserably hot house all evening, I decided to take action and get some ice cream and juice from the store. I also picked up a box of candied ginger to help settle my stomach a bit. Apparently, this combination of purchases equated to a need for a coupon for maxi pads, or at least that’s what the algorithm in the checkout coupon printer’s computer concluded. If I had written the program, I would have had it print out a coupon for cold medicine or throat drops.

Maybe it’s because the orange sherbet I bought has dark chocolate chips?

flying pan american

I had two movies gathering dust on my coffee table, so last night I sat down to watch them. It was that or try to decide on which book in Mt. TBR (which has grown to a bookcase of its own) to select. The first movie I tried got annoying fast, so I quit it. The second was 2001: A Space Odyssey. I really, really wanted to watch this because it’s such a classic SF film, but I couldn’t get into it. I liked the late 60’s imagining of space travel in the new millennium, as well as the “oops – that didn’t work out like you thought” branding. I got about as far as the part where Dr. Floyd is briefing a bunch of people before I realized that I’d rather take the trash out than continue the movie. So, I stopped the DVD and took the trash out. Oh, well. I think tonight I’ll tackle Mt. TBR instead.

i read mystery books

Mystery author Kate Flora wrote the Afterword column entitled “Are You For Real? Why Readers (and Writers) Are Drawn to Mystery” in the July/August 2005 issue of ForeWord magazine. She begins with recounting an event when someone asked her when she would write a real book. Then, through conversations with librarians, fellow authors, and her own experience as a reader, she goes on to explore why some of us are drawn to the genre. She concludes that the real reason why we enjoy mysteries is because they remain “in a place where — after we’ve had our thrills and chills, sighed for our protagonists, and mourned (or hated) the victim — the world is made right again.” I highly recommend obtaining a copy of the essay and reading it in full yourself.

harry what?

I think I’m the only person on the face of the planet who could care less that the new Harry Potter book has been released. I read the first one, thought it was cute, but was so bored with the second book that I haven’t bothered with the rest. A friend told me this past weekend that Dawn French is in one of the movies. Now that might be worth my time.

calling all serialists

Serials librarians, electronic resources librarians, reference librarians, catalog librarians, publishers, database vendors, subscription agents, and anyone else interested in serials: Listen up, this one’s for you. The 2006 NASIG conference will be in Denver, and the Program Planning Committee has put out a call for proposals and ideas. If you have something to contribute to the dialog, submit your proposal today!

I hope to finish my write-up of the 2005 NASIG conference sometime soon. At least I’ve gotten through the first day of sessions!

future of cell phones

Talk of the Nation had an interesting segment today on the future of cell phones. Jenny will be pleased to know that guest Walt Mossberg uses a Treo. The audio is available after 6pm Eastern. You could also look and see if a radio station will be broadcasting the show online in the next few hours, if you’re eager to listen right now. RSS for the show is also available, if you’re interested.

Ooh! I just noticed that my favorite public radio tool now lists public radio podcasts.