i feel so…. important

Karen G. Schneider has selected my blog as one of two to highlight this week. Yes, it is possible to grin and blush at the same time.

…a tasty-tidbit biblioblog, easy to sip from, filled with well-written, thoughtful bits of tips, news, ideas, and information which are painlessly, even delightfully infused with her broad and deep knowledge of serials, technology, and academic librarianship.

search your opac with firefox

Attention systems administrators for libraries that use III’s Millenium or INNOPAC! If you haven’t heard about it already, there is a way to create a Firefox/Mozilla plugin that will make your catalog an option within the browser’s search box. Corey Seeman has the instructions posted on his website, as well as a slideshow-turned PDF graphical overview.

kcrw to podcast

I don’t have an iPod or iShuffle, and I don’t know if/when I’ll ever get one. The library blogosphere and tech geek forums have been bubbling over the podcastings being done by various librarian blogger personalities, so I figured this would be one more bit of info that would send them all into a tizzy. KCRW, the intrepid eclectic public radio station out of Santa Monica, will begin offering a podcast that “features the station’s locally produced talk, news, cultural programs and commentaries…free of charge” on March 1st. The announcement page includes a list of the programs that will be podcasted.


I just read Michael Gorman’s scathing critique of the librarian blogosphere’s response to his op-ed piece on Google in the December 17th edition of the Los Angeles Times. If you have access to the February 15th issue of Library Journal, it might be worth your time to give it a read. Aside from snubbing his nose at the “Blog People,” Gorman writes the entire lot of us off as non-intellectuals in the following few sentences:

“Given the quality of the writing in the blogs I have seen, I doubt that many of the Blog People are in the habit of sustained reading of complex text. It is entirely possible that their intellectual needs are met by an accumulation of random facts and paragraphs. In that case, their rejection of my view is quite understandable.”

I vaguely remembered reading some thoughtful critiques of his op-ed, but in searching for them, I could find only this one. Granted, there are quite a few bloggers who may fit his description of the Blog People. However, if he thinks that all of the so-called Blog People are that intellectually dull, I shutter shudder to think what will come of ALA with this egotistical snob as the president.

Update 4:17pm: The Digital Librarian has linked to the LJ opinion piece by Gorman, which I didn’t realize was also online.

curriculum vitae

Recently I went through the process of reappointment at my current place of work. Unlike my first post-graduate library position, this one is tenure track. I was a bit unprepared for what would be required of me in this review process, particularly with regards to converting my résumé into a curriculum vitae. Too bad I didn’t know about this helpful document put together by the University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries.

h-net offers rss

I was skimming through the January issue of College & Research Libraries when I ran across an article about linking to reviews in H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online. I had not heard of this resource, so I browsed over to the site. My first thought after looking it over was, “This site needs an RSS feed.” Turns out, not only do they have a feed for all of the reviews, but there are feeds for specific review topics, announcements, job postings, and discussion topics! You can select whichever feed you want and the URL string is generated for you. I’ve already signed up for the Women’s Studies reviews feed. Wouldn’t it be great if Choice Online offered feeds, too?


I’ve managed to get the MTBookQueueEntryFinishedDate tag to work properly for my reading list. I don’t know what did it except that I completely reinstalled BookQueueToo 1.15 and removed catalog=”books” from MTBookQueueEntries. This means I won’t be using the supposed additional functionality of being able to add non-book items to the queue and make lists of them, a process which never worked properly anyway. It is nice to be able to look up items to add to the queue without needing to know the ISBN, and having the title listed along with the book cover in the admin display is handy for books without covers.