No, my non-librarian horticulturally-minded friends, I am not going to talk about my gardening habits (or lack thereof). Weeding is a term commonly used in library-land to describe the act of permanently removing items from the library collection that are no longer needed or desired. Steven posted a quote from Richard Evans Lee yesterday, which compelled me to leave a lengthy response of my own. However, after hitting the Post button, it occurred to me that I should have simply written my response here and used the trackback option. Silly me. If you want to read what I wrote, go ahead and click on “Steven” above, and you will be enlightened.

One thought on “weeding”

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    I posted Destroying homophobic books. Steven noted it and Anna added to it. I ramble on a little more. When I said that booksellers aren’t librarians there about three things I was thinking of. Some people sit and read. If…

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