This evening, I heard a story [RealAudio] on Studio 360 about Rick Miller’s one-man show that is currently touring the country. The show combines the characters from The Simpsons with William Shakespeare’s Macbeth and is called MacHomer. The snippets I heard on the radio were hilarious, and I expect the whole show would be great fun. If you get a chance to go, please let me know how it was!


No, my non-librarian horticulturally-minded friends, I am not going to talk about my gardening habits (or lack thereof). Weeding is a term commonly used in library-land to describe the act of permanently removing items from the library collection that are no longer needed or desired. Steven posted a quote from Richard Evans Lee yesterday, which compelled me to leave a lengthy response of my own. However, after hitting the Post button, it occurred to me that I should have simply written my response here and used the trackback option. Silly me. If you want to read what I wrote, go ahead and click on “Steven” above, and you will be enlightened.


They re-took my picture for the liaison flyers, and I like the second one much more than the first, so it has replaced the first picture in the upper left corner of this blog. Also, I have added a listing of the five most recent comments posted to this blog on the sidebar (just below the topics). I don’t know if anyone else cares about it, but I find that feature useful on other blogs that I read. It keeps me up to date on any commentary added to a posting after I have already read it.

handheld librarian

Now that I’ve joined the ranks of PDA-toting librarians, I want to learn more about how to make use of this tool in the library (besides the obvious schedule organization uses). Since my job is shifting from serials & database cataloger to serials & electronic resources librarian, I thought it would be good to become more aware of emerging end-user technologies. I went searching around to see if I could find a relevant weblog or other online source, and I imediately came upon the Handheld Librarian! I was thrilled until I noticed the blog had not been updated since the end of July, and it appears that the editor has become too busy to maintain it and is looking for someone else to take over. The Shifted Librarian has a PDA category, as well as a related eBook category, but neither look like they are frequently updated. After a bit of digging around in Google, I discovered a YahooGroup for handheld librarians, which might offer some information, if not leads to other sources. If anyone has any suggestions of other places to look for information and dialog, please let me know.

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Have ye got a name, me hearties? Take a look at what th’ bilge rat pulled out of the bung hole. Smartly!

M’ friends call me Mad Anne Cash, and you’d better, too, ye barnacle-encrusted scallywag!

“Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. You’re musical, and you’ve got a certain style if not flair. You’ll do just fine. Arr!”


I had a lovely birthday (thanks for asking) with family and friends over the weekend, and I took off work for most of this week. It’s been a nice vacation at home, but I think I’m actually ready to go back to work.

Dad & I went hunting for the PalmPilot on Saturday. CompUSA had it on sale for $199, but they were out of stock. The woman at the counter said she has been having trouble getting it re-stocked. A trip to Best Buy enlightened us as to why that might be. Apparently, Palm discontinued the m505 and m515 last year when they came out with the Tungsten models. While at Best Buy, we took a look at the other PDAs they had in stock, and that is where I discovered the Toshiba e355. It’s priced the same as the m515, which was what first caught my eye. I also like the styling, and it fit nicely in my hand. The other good features all add up to a much more robust PDA than what I had originally been looking for, but all for the same amount of money that my Dad was willing to spend on me. So, we went for it. I haven’t had time to really play with it (other than a few rounds of Jawbreaker and Solitare), but I’ll be sure to comment on it as I get more familiar with it. So far, I’m very pleased. Thanks Dad!


I’m going to be getting a Palm Pilot for my birthday, and one reason why I wanted it (beyond all of the obvious function and use for work) is because of an article I read about someone using it to read their e-book while on a camping trip (they had left their print book at home by accident). The idea of that intrigued me so much that I wanted to try it out myself. I haven’t been a big fan of the e-book craze, and buying an expensive piece of technology just to read a book never appealed to me, but if I can read it on my PDA, then why not? Unfortunately, it looks like e-books might have a bit of a setback. Barnes & Noble has announced that it is no longer going to sell them, and if the other major online book sellers decide not to fuss with e-books anymore, then the publishers may decide to drop the format altogether.

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My birthday is coming up soon, and if anyone of my friends or family thinks that buying me this would be the perfect gift, think again. I’m just about sick of hearing about this piece of plastic crap, so don’t even bother to give me the latest news.