have you heard the cowgirl rap song?

Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing some friends of mine perform at a coffee house in Louisville. Often times it is difficult for a musician or a band to perform at home because so many people in the audience “knew them back when” and still have the mentality that the band is a local phenomenon that has not matured or improved over the years. Last night’s audience was not one of those audiences. They were attentive and relaxed. They didn’t talk through the songs, and they weren’t there just to see who else was there. The best part of it all is that they enjoyed seeing and hearing my friends perform as professional musicians, and they gave them the respect that entails. It was so nice to hear my friends perform locally without having to sit with an audience that treated them like just another bar band (which they aren’t). The warmth and connection between them and the audience was almost like seeing them at a house concert, which is the best venue of all, in my humble opinion.

I found my first BookCrossing book yesterday. I was up in Lexington running some errands before driving to Louisville for the show, and I thought I might try hunting for a recently released one. I lucked out and it hadn’t been picked up by someone else yet. I’ve read a couple of the stories so far, and it’s been okay. Not really my genre, but I figure I’ll benefit from broadening my horizons a little.

There was an interesting spot on The Splendid Table today about small batch bourbons. The show was a repeat broadcast, but I hadn’t heard it the first time around. If you like bourbon, this would be one to listen to. Living where I am, I’m familiar with some of the names of small batch bourbons made in Kentucky, but Frederick Booker Noe talked about a few made by the Jim Beam company that I had not heard of before.

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Swimming in pool is nice and cool. The only way to catch a fish.

I’m selling a few things on eBay. Take a look and see if there’s anything you might want.

I’ve been enjoying the Lord of the Rings movies so far. I’m glad I finally broke down a few years ago and read the books (my parents have been Tolkein fans since they were in college). It has allowed me to more fully appreciate the humor that has cropped up since the masses started to become aware of Hobbits and Elves. Here’s an old music video done by Leonard Nimoy on the topic of Bilbo Baggins. Also, for you fans of Peeps experiments, here is the long-awaited Lord of the Peeps.

Here is a website that is supposed to be able to give you suggestions for bands you might like based on three bands you know you like. I tried several different combinations, and inevitably I would end up with a suggestion for Eden Burning. So, I think it’s more fun to play the “Degrees of Eden Burning” game with it, instead.

If I had money, I would probably buy some bar code art. It’s creative and fun, and being a librarian, I see a lot of bar codes every day.

The USA Patriot Act has put librarians in a sticky situation with regards to patron privacy. Here is one scenario that could very well become a reality. National Public Radio’s All Things Considered also ran a piece on librarians and the USA Patriot Act this evening. [link to ATC segment added 1/22/03 10:13am]

Here’s a humorous yet poignant take on the recent Supreme Court decision on the Sony Bono Copyright Term Extension Act. Surprisingly enough, this came to me via a stalwart conservative who thought it was just a joke. I think it makes a valid point.

Is the proposed Bush “tax cut” classist? Some folks, like in this opinon piece from the New York Times, seem to think so.

Feeling depressed and lonely because the world is going to hell in a handbasket? Here’s something to cheer you up!

happy new year!

I have been here, there, and everywhere these past few weeks, but now that I’m back home and starting to get settled in, it’s about time I did something with this weblog.

The year 2002 has come and gone, and now it’s time for everyone to get a new calendar for 2003. I have an idea of what might be hanging on the walls of bibliophiles in Ocean County (NJ)…

Speaking of librarians, one of my favorite librarian webloggers (Jessamyn West) has created five technically legal signs to hang in your library now that the Patriot Act has stripped away patron privacy.

Some creative soul has put together a poignant flash animation regarding the aforementioned Patriot Act and other similar measures being taking by the current administration under the umbrella of national security. Oh, and take note of the URL. I think it’s rather amusing.

Speaking of the current administration, here’s a list of the twenty most annoying “conservatives” of 2002. The comments at the bottom are interesting, if a bit peevish. Looks like word got out to the “conservatives” about this list and they came whining.

One of my colleagues directed me to a website yesterday that contains information and images from an art exhibit currently being shown in Chicago. The basic theme of the show is that the art is “on the legal fringes of intellectual property.”