bye bye old bumper stickers

I had a small accident on the road the other day that resulted in my rear bumper needing to be replaced. Thankfully, that’s the only thing that was damaged. Unfortunately, I will also have to replace the bumperstickers I have collected on in over the past three years. If anyone wants to contribute, I’ll be making a list of them shortly. Oh, and if anyone knows where I could get a few of these, that would be splendid.

    How popular is your name? Now you can find out, as well as seeing how it has changed in popularity over the past decade.
    Here’s a new old board game straight from the royal chambers of Ur. It requres Flash, and even though it says it is for two players, you can play it against yourself. Although, it’s more fun with two.
    Lis Harvey has been characterised in Ripley’s Believe It or Not for her world record setting tour earlier this fall (see 10/25/2002 entry)

emily the author

My sister has been published! She says, “It’s kinda sucky…but I’m published and that is all that matters.”

Here’s a tattoo for anarchist librarians who want to express themselves through body modifications.

Some prankster with bad taste has stolen the Baby Jesus and Mary figures from a nativity scene at a church in downtown Richmond (where I live). One of my collegues is quite upset about the loss of the Mary figure because it is the same mannequin they have been using since the fifties.

A lesbian couple has been named “cutest couple” at Crete-Monee High School in a Chicago suburb. I think it’s cool, except that I feel a little sorry for the girls having to deal with the controversy over it as well as coming out to their parents at the same time.


I have a research paper due at 6pm this evening, and I am finding all sorts of excuses not to write it (like this). Oh, well! The class was interesting, at least. I just don’t have the stamina to carry an interest in a topic long enough to write ten pages about it. You can see my introduction by taking a look at the 11/20/2002 post.

    CNN has caught on to the cyberbegging trend started by Karyn. I wonder if they ran across my site in their research?
    Christmas gift suggestion here! Okay, so it’s a suggestion for what to get me, hint hint… 😉
    Winter break is almost upon us. At least those of us still in the academic realm. My friend Bonster has a nice collection of recommended reading to fill your holidays.
    Sometimes, I want to give George W. Bush a good spanking. I have not sent him an email about it, yet. I wonder if I’ll end up in prison like this guy?
    Yuk! Someone has gone to the trouble of creating a photographic timeline of Michael Jackson’s face (“With blithering, yet witty commentary”). Kind of scary, if you ask me.

God Hates Figs

God Hates Figs! No, that isn’t a typo, but if you wanted to reach the website for Fred Phelps and his hatemongers, you might accidentally run into this if by some chance you typed an “i” instead of an “a” in the URL. Take a gander – it’s much more amusing than the original.

At last, someone has realized the potential for a musical in a library that doesn’t involve a bun-haired librarian! This was too good not to link, even though it’s probably already shown up on every librarian website and listserv by now.

Another creative soul has come up with a nicely done movie poster for Gulf Wars Episode II: Clone of the Attack. I’m not looking forward to that release.

snow day!

Bummed that you don’t have a snow day today? Go ahead and build your own storm! Okay, so it’s not a snow storm, but it does come with cool sound effects.

I have been enjoying Mark Fiore‘s flash animations for some time now. They’re perfect political fun for a snowy afternoon. Sip some hot chocolate and laugh at Dubya’s antics.

Need more Dubya humor? How about some pictures of the potential outcome of a sex change operation? What if Bush was a girl?

The latest issue of Library Juice has an interview with the librarian who inspired me to create my own weblog, Jessamyn West. She talks about why she no longer lables herself an anarchist librarian, among other things.

Here’s another thing to do on a snow day: Find out who has covered your favorite music artists as well as the songs they have covered. The Covers Project is a database with the intent of building cover chains (i.e. A covered B, B covered C, C covered D, etc.).

Last but not least, before you forward any email to me, take a look at this.