flowers and filters and rock ‘n roll

You can see how the Purdue University’s 2002 Poinsettia Trials are doing by watching them on the PoinsettiaCam [link updated]. Did someone say something about watching the grass grow?

Remind me again why filters on computers in public libraries is a good thing? Flesh Public Library in Piqua (Ohio) had to change it’s domain name because the filters on their public computers blocked access to their home page.

Maya Price has written an unpublished open letter to the editors of Rolling Stone magazine regarding their so-called Women in Rock issue. You’ll have to scroll down the page a little to get to it.

By RS standards, Rock is no longer a style of music but a trendy costume to be whipped up by expensive stylists and slapped onto the latest pop tart barbie doll. Give a girl some tight pants and a spiky bracelet and POOF! She ROCKS!

shameless plug

I’m attempting to sell a dollar bill on eBay that has an interesting serial number. I don’t know if it will actually sell, but after I gave the folks in the bill collector’s forum over at Where’s George a chance to trade face value for it and no one took my offer, it was suggested to me that I try eBay. Who knows? Maybe someone will want it.

I’m working on a research paper for a class I have been taking for fun this semester. If you click on the link for MORE, you can read what I have so far, which pretty much covers the thesis of my paper.

I probably shouldn’t leave this post as an entirely shameless plug, sooooo…. My friend Drew recently sent me a memorandum regarding my staus as a fake “God is Love” Christian. You can send an automated rebuke to someone less pious than you, if you want.

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BarbieĀ® the Librarian

My sister came to my house last night for dinner. It was fun. Aparently she has started her own weblog of sorts, and called me a “rockin’ girl” for cooking her dinner.

    Barbie® needs a new career, and you can help decide what it will be. Currently, librarian is at the top of the rankings, with 40% of the website visitors choosing that profession over architect and policewoman.
    What happens when your server gets cranky? Your users see this message, rather than the standard 404 File Not Found. Warning – this is not recommended for children.
    Ever wondered where to find a good comic about librarians or libraries? Now you need look no further than Steven M. Bergson’s Librarians in Comics: Comic Strips and Librarians in Comics: Comic Books bibliographies.

Did you eat your vegetables today?

Someone actually sent me $5 for my Save Anna project! Woo-hoo! I’ll be starting a thank you page as soon as I can.

    Do you miss playing with your Mr. Potato Head®? Fret no longer – Mr.Potato, The Professor, Miss Onion & Mrs. Pepper are here to entertain you when the boss isn’t looking.
    Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D,CA) may be the first woman to hold the office of House Democratic leader. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
    Molly Ivins has an interesting take on Paul Wellstone’s legacy and our duty to be involved with the political process.

    “In this putrid election season, every television ad seems to announce that the other guy sucks eggs, runs on all fours, molests small children and has the brain of an adolescent pissant. It’s tempting to join the “pox on both their houses” crowd. They’re close to right, but they’re still wrong.”

    Lasty, the New York Times has printed some of the favorite questions and answers of the reference librarian who writes the Ask a Librarian column in the Folger Shakespeare Library‘s newsletter.

Holy linkage, Librarian!

That’s right, I’ve been busy collecting all sorts of things to share.

    Women are striking for peace on November 11.
    Apparently, the British can’t rap, but I picked up a copy of Ms. Dynamite‘s CD, and it’s pretty good.
    The military’s homophobia could be a barrier in the War on Terrorism. Seven Arabic linguists were recently dismissed because they were discovered to be gay.
    An artist is making use of the pictures people were asked to take after 11 September 2001 to prove to airport security that their cameras were not hiding bombs.
    Was there really something going on between Marcia and Jan?
    This one made me smile. Do you think that First Lady Laura Bush is really a Democrat? Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me.
    Lastly, the oldest book in the Purdue University Libraries will turn 500 years old this year.

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wild librarians

I read an article today in Library Juice about “Wild Librarian” websites; places like Anarchist Librarians and The Modified Librarian. I’m not sure if I would include the Eclectic Librarian in those ranks. I don’t intend to be a “wild librarian”, so perhaps it’s important that I explain why I chose that name for this site. I had been writing this blog under the oh-so-creative title “because everyone else is doing it”, but when I decided to get a real web hosting service (PowWeb) and register my own domain name, I needed something short and snappy that described me, and I didn’t want to use my own name. My chosen profession and paycheck earning love is as a librarian, but I certainly don’t fit the stereotype. I have many diverse interests, which anyone who knows me or reads this blog regularly will have discovered. Thus, the name “Eclectic Librarian” seemed to be the best descriptor of me and my interests. I don’t see it as playing on the supposed incongruity of having eclectic tastes and being a librarian.

“Thus, attempts such as these at busting the stereotype can have the paradoxical effect of reinforcing the stereotype. In highlighting the incongruity of being a wild librarian, they assert that the incongruity is an incongruity after all.”

Well. On with the links:

    Someone is having fun with Flash. Here’s a short (but humorous) clip of Opera Baby. [judy]
    Looking for a new job and want to make use of online resources? Here are a few tips. [free pint]

Dubya, Vampires, and Mennonites, oh my!

My friend Drew has made a weblog that is a satire of George W.’s private diary. It’s pretty funny.

“Just kickin’ back today. havin’ some Tecate, eatin’ pretzels and watchin’ some college football. Go Longhorns! Makes me miss mah days as a cheerleader back at Yale. Man, them were the days.”

I have been a part of a live-action role playing game for the past three years that is based on White Wolf‘s Vampire: The Masquerade. The game I am in isn’t as dark as RPG games tend to be, and I have had fun with it. I think if LARP as being more like improv theatre than the stereotypical D&D image that role playing games tend to bring up in the minds of the uninitiated. Anyway, while I was surfing around tonight, I ran across a list of Garou (aka werewolf) light bulb jokes.

How many Fianna does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One to screw it in, and nine to write bad poems and songs about it.

Today, I joined an online organization of folks who are willing to let independant touring musicians crash on their couches for a night or two. It’s called The Artist Couch Exchange and reminds me of Mennonite Your Way. Hmm…. I wonder if MYW will ever go electronic? Seems to me that it would be more up-to-date with out requiring frequent pressings.