I finally moved down to Richmond. I like my new apartment – it is much nicer than the one I had before, and I’m only three blocks from work. This move has taken up most of my free time as well as my energy, thus the reason why it has been over two weeks since my last post.

Here are a couple of fun things that have come across my email recently:

  • Are you a librarian? Don’t you wish that your OPAC could have more interesting error messages? The Warrior Librarian has a few suggestions.
  • Shhhh! No – scream! It’s BloodHag, the library band. There has already been some discussion on the NASIG listserv about making a road trip up to Seattle to see this band at some point during next summer’s meeting in Portland.
  • It’s too late to add your name to the list of signatures to this letter from Librarians for Peace, but I was very impressed with the number of folks who did. BTW, I’m #742. I wish I had known about this site earlier.

I saw that Karyn has almost paid off her credit card debt and is now offering to help someone else by directing her visitors to their website. I’m not sure if my site is up to her standards, but I’m thinking about submitting it. What do you think I should do?

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folky lesbians go to beer church

About a month ago, there was an article written in the New York Times about lesbians and folk music. I mentioned it here, but I didn’t say too much about how I felt about the article. Since then, I have read several commentaries about how degrading the article was, not only for lesbians in folk music, but women in all aspects of music. It did strike me as odd that a straight guy could presume to know enough about lesbian culture to pinpoint one genre of music that encompases us all, but his presumption didn’t make me angry until I read the well-articulated commentary by Amy Ray and realized that Hadju pieced together what he needed for his theory, and ignored attepts by other to enlighten him. By doing that, his article is reduced to a crack-pot anthropological theory by an “alien”.

“Why not interview lesbian punk, jazz, hip-hop, rock, or bluegrass musicians? There are plenty of them.”

On a lighter note, I found the most amazing church yesterday! Someone on one of the message boards I read frequently posted a link to the Beer Church. I haven’t read everything there yet; I got side-tracked by the mullet haikus. I even wrote one of my own:

Angry white boy yells
Lying on truck bed with Ray Bans
Damn! I am the shit!

Beer Church banner: Join the largest unorganized religion in the world | Beer Church | What the hell, don't cost nothin' -

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election problems

Surprise, surprise… election problems in Florida, again. How hard is it to get working machines and competent poll workers in “poor” neighborhoods? We all knew that was where the problems would be – if there were problems to be had at all. Then there is Bubba Jeb, acting as innocent and dumb as Dubya…

Of Ms. Reno’s troubles at her precinct Tuesday morning, Mr. Bush said: “What is it with Democrats having a hard time voting? I don’t know.”

The Louisville Courier-Journal has announced that it will be printing announcements for same-sex unions in the Celebrations page. This follows in the footsteps of the New York Times decision to do the same. Well, it’s about time!

“And, for the first time in CourierJournal history, the announcements can be festive and gay: Same-sex couples will be able to share their celebrations of commitment on the new page.”

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hair cut

I’m trying to decide about what to do with my hair.

I’m trying to decide about what to do with my hair. For most of the past couple of years it has been really short. I mean really short. Short as in I get called “sir” more often that you’d expect someone with a 42-D bra size to be called “sir”. One of my friends sent me to for some direction. I found this quote to be rather amusing:

“Most women finally hack their hair off the same day they file for divorce. Interesting side note don’t you think.”

I didn’t initially cut my hair off because of a divorce; it was more of a lifestyle statement. I wanted a hair style that was easy and convenient, and I didn’t care anymore about how other people might perceive me with that hair style. Now I want to change my hair style again, but I’m a little more concerned about how it will look. I still want the easy and convenient bit, but maybe I can do that with a slightly longer style. Hm…

swap a book

The United Kingdom celebrated Swap A Book Day last Friday.

The United Kingdom celebrated Swap A Book Day last Friday. According to this article in the Guardian, there are over 879 million illiterate adults in the world.

“It’s about creating role models and an atmosphere in which reading is seen as normal. That helps those who can’t read as much as people who can but don’t.” – Sue Williams, family learning tutor at Wigan and Leigh College

I was reminded of I’ve been leaving books here and there after registering them with BookCrossing for the past couple of months. I’m not sure if they’re getting read, since so far, no one has registered them, but usually when I come back to where I left them, they’re gone. It gives me a little hope to think that someone took the book and will read it.

quiet libraries

Jessamyn West had the following quote from a review of a hard drive on her blog today:

“The librarian in you will love Seagate’s new, ultralow-noise, consumer-friendly, 7,200rpm 80GB Barracuda ATA IV hard drive. Indeed, this drive is as quiet as the reference room on the night before midterms.”

Obviously this reviewer has never been in a library reference room the night before midterms, or else he might have found some other descriptor for “very, very quiet”. Midterms and finals weeks are two times in a semester when the library has the most number of users. With that many people all in one space, it is rare that one is able to find a quiet place in the building.

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Beer Node

Jeff sent me some copies of pictures he took of the group of us at NASIG in June, and I finally got some scanned in and uploaded to my website. Here’s another shot of a bunch of us with the “Beer Node” sign. Ahh… good times. I should (or perhaps shouldn’t?) note that the new President of NASIG is one of the women in the “Beer Node” line-up…

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